Railway Pway Machine Tools Suppliers in India


Over the years, We have established ourselves as a reliable firm engaged in supplying a wide array of Railway PWay Machines & Tools, . Under this category, We offer abrasive rail cutting machine , Rail drilling machine, Rail track jack, Rail Gauge Cum Levels, , Rail Roller , Fish plate , Fish bolt, Railway sign boards, Abrasive cutting disk, Drill bits, Chamfering Tool Kit etc in India. At our premises, All these products we are manufactured & super stockiest. Railway PWAY Machine & Tools we offer in variegated specifications to meet the needs of different customers. These are applauded for their rugged construction, Reliable performance, Low maintenance and durability.

Abrasive rail cutting machine

Our Abrasive Rail Cutter are used for cutting rail track for any type of rails. Mounted on rail track with no load on the operator It can cut rail in max 5 min with precise cutting squareness of 0.5mm.

Benefits :
  • It is 4 stroke petrol driven engine, no need to add 2T oil in petrol.
  • Operator is able to cut 8 to 9 cuts in 1 litre petrol on 60 kg 90 UTS Rail
  • Self Acceleration button is provided in the machine to operate at a continious speed where operator has to just swing the bars to cut the rail. 
  • There is no de-clamping to be done by the operator while cutting irrespective of whatever is the disc diameter.
  • There is no pressure of the machine on the hands nor on the back of the operator. Machine is designed in such a way that operator has to just swing his arms while cutting and the machine with its weight cuts the track without any pressure on him.

Rail drilling machine

The machine comprise of an integrated driving engine with drilling unit coupled together rigidly in a compact unit. It has a Honda petrol start/ run single cylinder air cooled internal combustion engine

features :
  • Power : 3 Hp
  • Drilling Time : 2 To 4 Min (Including Fixing & Removal).
  • Drilling Bits required : conforming To relevent IS Specifications.
  • Tolerances On Dia & Positioning : +/-0.7mm
  • Men Power Required : 2 Person
  • Drilling Capacity : Upto 35mm
  • Overall Weight : 60Kgs

Track Jack

Mechanical track jacks are simplest, versatile and widely used in railway track maintenance.

Features :
  • Rugged construction for safety and efficient lifting.
  • Alloy steel heat treated multiple pawls for strength and rigidity.
  • Alloy steel body with integral handle.
  • Forged & Heat treated alloy steel rack with precision milled teeth .
  • Large base for stability.
  • .
  • Capacity 15 tons.

Gauge Cum Levels

Box Type Precision Insulated Track Gauge cum level for B.G. Track made from high tensile extruded aluminium alloy tubing. The instrument measures with precision gauge, cross-levels and super elevation by the use of separate spirit level.

Features :
  • It is made of High Tensile Extruded Aluminium Tubing.
  • It measures Track Gauge & Super Elevation.
  • Auto Setting at 90degree to the Rail Track.
  • This gauge is a Precise, Rugged & Convenient to use.
  • It is most Economical & Popular model in use with Indian Railways.

Rail barring roller

Rail rollers are a convenient means for quick and short displacement for rail stock. Our rollers are designed for high load capacity and fitted with imported bearings.

Joggled Fish Plate

We offer specially constructed Joggled fish plates featuring assured quality. Dimensions of these Joggled fish plates are in strict congruence with respective drawings provided by customers.

  • Joggled Fish plate for 60 kg T-5849
  • Joggled Fish plate for 52 kg T-5848

Rail Screw

We are supplying a wide range of rail screws, plate screws. Designed with high precision these screws are manufactured using high grades raw material satisfying all the quality standards.

  • Rail screw drawing no T 10673 to 10676

Railway Track Fish Plate

Fish plates are specially rolled section for joining the rails end to end with the help of fish bolts

Rail Tong

Rail Tongs are made of steel and designed with hinge mechanism at the centre for handling of rails. They are used to lift rails, They lock on the head of the rail, Offer a firm grip and do not slip.

De Stressing Roller

Destressing Roller, which mainly consists of a hollow tube with a steel rod inserted into it, which can allow the tube to roll in position. These, when placed beneath a rail, free of any fittings, can enable free expansion/ contraction of rail above it.

Chamfering Tool Kit

Chamfering Tool Kit used for removing the buss of drilled in the web of Rail. This is compact, light weight and convenient to carry & use.

  • Size 15” X 7.5” X 2”.
  • Weight 2.755 lbs.
  • Hole size 32 mm dia.
  • Hardened and tempered chamfering tool.
  • Spring loaded assembly.
  • Reversible torque wrench of size 250 cm.
  • Box spanner of size 19 mm (3/4”).
Special Features :
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Portable type and can be carried at site easily.

Metal Liner

Metal Liners are used in non-track circuited areas. Where the Rail secton is of 60 Kg and Sleeper is also of 60 Kg, Metal Liners as per RDSO drawing No.RT-3740 are used on both Gauge and Non-Gauge face sides of the rail. Metal Liners as per RDSO drawing No.RT-3741 & RT-3742 are used on inner side and outer side respectively, When 52 kg rails are used with 60 kg sleepers.

Features :
  • Use : Railway Track Fitting
  • Drg. No. : T-3740, T- 3741 & T- 3742, T- 3738

Dowel For Rail Screw

Pvc dowel can be considered as the fastening foundation, as it needs to be pre-inserted into the concrete sleeper seperately before assembling the rail fastening systems parts. It is used for connection and linkage of railway fastening systems with the concrete sleeper.

Railway sign board

Railway sign boards serve different purposes for locomotive drivers and railway staff. We at Akbar and company provide full range of railway sign boards.

Abrasive cutting disc

We offer Norton make Abrasive cutting disc for cutting rails for its superior quality.

  • Size 400x4x22.23 mm

Drill bits

We offer Addison make HSS Drill Bit for drilling holes in rails.

Hydraulic rail tensor

The requirement of obstruction less/non-infringing type hydraulic rail tensor used for rail distressing, rail welding, installation of insulated glued joints and other repair works of rail failures. The hydraulic rail tensor is obstruction less type, hydraulically operated with a hand pump connected to a cylinder assemblies through flexible rubber hose pipe.

Benefits :
  • It posseses features of unique design, light weight, simple and convenient manipulation powerful force and non-damge of rail working surface.
  • Design of hydraulic rail tensor is rugged and robust to withstand the various operating and handling forces.
  • The construction of the machine is such that parts can be easily and quickly replaced in case of break-down while carrying out works at site.
  • It is easy to use, operate and maintain.
  • We can operate efficiently in all environmental conditions as expected in India.

Graphite grease

We offer graphite grease 0 premium quality that give excellent lubrication in railway track fasteners. Our graphite grease is highly resistant to water and have good mechanical stability.

  • Superior load carrying capability.
  • Excellent adhesiveness.
  • Excellent mechanical stability.
  • Our graphite grease 0 meets the specification of IS 408-1981, RA- 1993 & 2004.

Rail way track fittings

Track fittings include, among other things, the rail fastenings used for track maintenance. These are necessary in order to attach the sleepers to the tracks. They include among other things the nuts, spring washers, coach screws and rail clips.

Fish bolt spanner Double end / Single end

We offer light weight spanner for fish plate bolts, 36 X 41 mm, manufactured by forging process, Black phosphate finishing.