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With enriched industrial acquaintance, we are providing a Bitumen, Tar Product, Bituminous Waterproofing, Waterproofing Bitumen, Tar Plastic Bitumen, Industrial Bituminous Waterproofing, Bitumen Emulsion Natural Bitumen, Industrial Grade Bitumen in Hyderabad India. Bitumen is a common road construction binder. It is primarily obtained as a by product of petroleum refineries after higher fractions such as gas, petrol, kerosene, and diesel, among others, have been removed. Bitumen is defined by the Indian Standard Institution as a black or dark brown non-crystalline soil or viscous material with adhesive properties derived from petroleum crude via natural or refinery processes. Owing to their top performance and heat resistance, these are enormously demanded.

Bitumen's General Applications :-
Civil engineering projects:
  • Road, runway, and platform construction.
  • Water proofing is used to keep water out.
  • Mastic flooring for warehouses and factories.
  • Canal lining to keep erosion at bay.
  • Masonry dump-proof courses.
  • The tank's foundation.
Mason Industries joint filling material:
  • Cables and junction boxes are two types of electrical components.
  • As a sealing compound in the manufacture of batteries.
  • Paint manufacturing industries for the production of anti-corrosive and black paints.
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